The Beauty and Wellness Therapies We Offer

Cryogen Plus offers services that address a plethora of health needs. We pride ourselves on being competitive, keeping up with recent developments and staying up to date in advancements in our field. Our aim is to provide our clients with the best possible treatments to help them meet their wellness goals, whether it’s to address skin conditions or reduce muscle pain.

Ozone Therapy
Ozone Therapy

Heated between 102-115 degrees, the Ozone Sauna utilizes elevated temperature and steam to help the body sweat out harmful bacteria, toxins and residue that is left in the body. As the body sweats further and the pores open, Ozone is pumped into the chamber to aid in the oxygenation of the blood, white blood cell count, blood flow, muscle relaxation, improves immune system and recovery.

Ozone Therapy with EWOT
Exercise with Oxygen Training (EWOT)

EWOT is added to your Ozone Sauna to further enhance your experience. By adding the EWOT mask, purified oxygen is pumped into a facial mask for you to breath in during your treatment. The addition of purified oxygen helps improve the respiratory system, breathing quality and strengthen overall lung functionality.

light therapy
Light Therapy (Skin Treatment)

LED Light Therapy aids in multiple treatments of the skin while emitting calming lights. Red and blue LED light kills bacteria on and below the surface of the skin while increasing blood flow and collagen production. The unit can help to treat eczema, acne, fine lines, wrinkles and even aid in the treatment of PTSD, aches, pains and hair growth.

Vibro acoustic therapy
Vibroacoustic Therapy

Special resonators at the bottom of the Vibroacoustic Chair respond to therapeutic music, which delivers a cellular massage by using vibrations. Headphones are worn during the therapy to promote whole body relaxation.

Compression Therapy
Compression Therapy

Compression therapy temporarily compresses and releases key treatment areas to aid in muscle and joint recovery, muscle relaxation, realigning joints,  improving blood flow and lymphatic fluid drainage. Compression is custom selected to fit customers needs and can be adjust to desired setting and comfort level. Treatment areas include legs and feet, hips, lower back and arms. 

Full body cryo chamber
Whole body Cryotherapy

During cryotherapy our cryo-chamber drops temperatures down to -275 F degrees for our most advanced users and to -120 F for beginners for 3 to 4 minutes to send the body into a temporary 'cold shock' for a fight or flight response. During this treatment your body enters survival mode and your blood is sent to protect core organs of your body, where the blood is enriched with oxygen and endorphins. After your treatment when the body gets to normal temperature this oxygenated blood is utilized to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, faster muscle recovery, boost metabolism and burns up to 800 calories in a single session.

Localized Cryotherapy
Localized Cryotherapy

Similar to the whole body cryotherapy, this treatment is more targeted. This therapy is localized to the affected areas of the body for treating arthritis, joint pain, swelling, post-surgery relief etc. It can also be used for cryo facials inducing collagen production, reduce wrinkles and has anti aging benefits.

Ionic Shape
Non Invasive Fat Loss Ionic Shape

Our Non-invasive fat loss device helps destroy fat cells & aids in cellulite removal. This body shaping system uses ultra sound technology along with RF cavitation to target the subcutaneous fat, without destroying surrounding nerves, muscle, collagen or other tissue in the targeted area. It can also be used as a facial service to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin. Treatment areas include abdomen, hands, legs, face and buttocks.

Service Pricing

Cryo SaunaOzone Sauna (30 Minutes) Ozone Sauna With EWOT (30 minutes) Localized Cryo (10 minutes) Compression Therapy
30 minute | 60 minute
Ionic Shape (30 minutes) Light Therapy (30 Minutes
Individual Sessions $50.00$50.00$65.00$25.00$25.00 | $40.00$375.00$30.00
Package of Five$180.00$200.00$260.00$100.00$100.00 | $150.00$1,500.00$120.00
Package of Ten$350.00$400.00$520.00$175.00$180.00 | $295.00N/A$210.00
Couple Session$90.00N/AN/A$45.00$45.00 | $80.00N/A$40.00
Couples Package of Five$350.00N/AN/A$180.00$180.00 | $295.00N/A$175.00
Couple Package of Ten$675.00N/AN/A$350.00$350.00 | $570.00N/A$299.00
Individual Therapies
Monthly Package
*Limit 1 session per day
$399.00$449.00$499.00$249.00$249.00 | $399.00N/A$149.00

Our Service Policy

We allow cancellation of a session only within 24 hours after booking. We do not allow the rollover of unused sessions into the next month.

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